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The hit PBS series Tracks Ahead has a unique appeal for train lovers of all ages. Now broadcast on more than 200 PBS stations across America, Japan, host Spencer Christian (formerly of ABC's Good Morning America fame) presents the best of steam locomotives, railroad stories, model trains and art.




Tracks Ahead Season 8, was released in October 2011 to the Southeastern Wisconsin market.  The series should be available nationwide after January 1, 2012.  As with the previous three seasons, it is in high definition, with digital 5.1 surround sound.  The 13 part season includes segments from Germany, Russia, and all around the United States.

Tracks Ahead started in 1989, with four seasons in regular 4x3 NTSC television.  The first high definition series was season 5, released in 2003.  Season 6 was released in 2006, and Season 7 in 2009. Each series is available on your local Public TV station, with a formidable lineup of features for railroading novices as well as experts. The series is available to all PBS stations in high definition and digital 5.1 surround sound, and in regular letterboxed TV. If you don't see it, contact your local PBS affiliate and ask about the series.

A new season is in the works, under the tutelage of a new producer and director.  Please stay tuned for additional information.  Please note that this website may disappear, as the old producer, tired and stooped with age after 20+ years of train chasing, has less involvement with the project.

I do hope that you have enjoyed Tracks Ahead since it's inception in 1989.  It has been rewarding and a lot of fun to present this material.  I know that I have certainly enjoyed traveling around the world and being able to share those "train" stories has only enhanced by pleasure in the project. 

As always, the magazine-style series explores every aspect of the railroads of the world. You'll see railroad prototypes, models, personalities and lore covering not only the railways and modelers of the past, but of the present and future.

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